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What is pedalr?

Pedalr is a thoughtfully curated marketplace devoted to urban bikes and bike culture. We exhibit the best of new and used urban cycles, cycling gear, and fashion.

Pedalr also acts as a platform for artisans, makers and small business owners to showcase their products and share them with the broader biker community worldwide.

Pedalr is a place where everyone—bikers, builders, manufacturers, and shops—can buy, sell and connect.

Why pedalr?


Pedalr is a marketplace focused specifically on providing quality products and information for people who love bikes. It’s a place where bikers, frame builders, manufacturers, and shop owners can buy or sell bike components, art, accessories, or anything associated with urban cycling culture.


Our goal is to make selling online easier, less risky, and more profitable. Our community is a safe place for bike sellers and shoppers to connect. Shoppers can browse listings, view seller profiles, post comments, and ask questions about items for sale. Listing items is completely free for sellers and secure with no obligation.


We connect bike-minded people who appreciate quality products with passionate makers and sellers. We think bikers should spend their time riding, rather than scouring the internet and sending countless emails to find good gear! Our goal is to help connect cyclists with great products. That’s it.

The best urban cycling gear