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Pedalr pedalr Administrator 29 post(s)

Any new site suggestions welcome – we’ll be posting a survey for feedback on what we can improve on pedalr in the next week or so.

Pedalr pedalr Administrator 29 post(s)

Thanks for the excellent, thoughtful feedback guys.

We are working on a bunch of changes, improvements, and fixes for 2012 – as soon as our roadmap is completed and ready to share, we will link to this thread. Stay posted, it looks like it will be an interesting year ahead.

Bike BicycleMachi... 1 post(s)

This is great, like Etsy for bike people.

My suggestions build on iverhagen:

It’d be nice for an advanced search option for those looking for, lets say a “60mm road frameset.” I see that items have these details on the page but there’s not a way to narrow down to just framesets, bike types, components, etc just by searching unless you absolutely know what you want.

Otherwise this is a great site and I will surely be by often.

What_the_deuce lverhagen 1 post(s)

I really like the idea of this easy-to-join marketplace for bike stuff.

Most of my suggestions for site improvement may have already been given but I will list them:

Allow tags to be added to items to allow tag searching – “road” for road bike, “mountain” for mountain bike, “cinelli”, “cranks”, etc. – similar to the tagging on flickr.

Add a field that displays the seller’s/item’s location below his or her username.

Provide a subcategory within each category (Complete Bike, Parts/Accessories, etc.) for custom and handmade goods.

Maybe I am just a poor searcher, but I find the searching options to be a little lacking, which will certainly become more of a problem as more users join.

Also, are you seeking to build publicity quickly or are you attempting more of a slow grow? I ask because I hadn’t heard of this site until John posted about it on Prollyisnotprobably.

Overall though, I am quite impressed with the format so far. Keep up the good work!


Photos_normal_missing cottontops 1 post(s)

Hi, I’m from the UK, and whilst I love the idea of this website it is absolutely useless to me currently. International pages would be good, as well as an international search function.

Img_0349 Oshibka 1 post(s)

You should allow linking of pictures. Uploading takes too long, and I have a number of pics for items I’d like to sell of Flickr.

Photos_normal_missing Molletta Design 3 post(s)

Hello Pedalr!

My name is Ignazio and I’m the owner of, an online shop that sells handmade bicycle-related godies. We offer T-shirts, greeting cards, Pedal Straps, “BikeStaches” (seriously), and much more in the near future. I really feel like our products would be a nice addition to your blog – like ketchup on french fries or capes on superheroes. And we would love to be part of your blog if you are interested. You can have a full view of what we do and our products on our site:

My wife and I hand make everything in the store. We screen-print the t-shirts, my wife sews all the fabric products and I manufacture our pedal straps in 14 different colors.

Please let me know if you would be interested!

Best Regards

Photos_normal_missing touchtone 1 post(s)

Hi. Just saw Andrew’s question to Brian Chesky on Quora -which brought me to your site. Good news is just about everyone I know is mad on bikes and will love this concept. Bad news is they are all in Australia and from what I can tell the site doesn’t have global traction as yet. I’ll let everyone know however – got to start somewhere.

One way you could vertically integrate your business model would be by offering cycle tours as you obviously have good traction into the cycling community and tours (international as opposed to local rides) should be easy to convert to your market and have good margins.

I might be able to help if you want to PM me to discuss.

A Contact Us somewhere on your site might also come in handy :-)

Pedalr pedalr Administrator 29 post(s)

Thanks Bike Cozy – and thanks for all your input and passion… lets get some traffic sent your way, we owe you a link up. We should chat sometime soon as planned.

Pedalr_avatar Bike Cozy 6 post(s)

A road map of soon to be features sounds awesome! Yes, please. r

Pedalr pedalr Administrator 29 post(s)

Thanks for the suggestions dropout and BikeCozy. We have a completely new taxonomy just about ready to go – which means it will be vastly easier for us to make nuanced changes like the dropout size suggestion. We will also be posting a roadmap someday in the near future which will give you guys a sense of what we adding and in what order in terms of content and features.

Ravenimg_4055 dropout 2 post(s)

When listing a full bike for sale, in the size drop down, you need sm, md, lg. I just listed my Enduro and it is a large. Also, the shipping field should allow a “may vary” option. Cool site. Cheers.

Pedalr_avatar Bike Cozy 6 post(s)

I would also like to be able to see Products that have been sold. so a) as a new shopper I can tell the site is legit and b) to see how my friends are doing (like North St Bags, has he sold anything on pedalr yet?)

Pedalr_avatar Bike Cozy 6 post(s)

As a shopper who doesn’t want to have to rebrowse to look for new items: I would love a product rss feed that would send each new listed item to my google reader.

Picture_1 jhsf03 Administrator 44 post(s)

Thanks for the feedback. We certainly need to improve our taxonomy and search capabilities and are taking steps to do that. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Pedalr_avatar Bike Cozy 6 post(s)

While on one hand it is nice that the thumbnail pictures, on the front page and when browsing through sellers, are large. . . on the other hand it means I have to keep clicking through the next button to see all the items.
I would like an option to view the page as smaller thumbnails or 100 items to a page for instance. That way I don’t have to click through pages of valve caps when I’m browsing the accessories. (for instance)

Picture_1 jhsf03 Administrator 44 post(s)

great feedback as usual, thanks Jamez! I think this is the kind of thing we’ll have to build in to the platform in future iterations but will be key functionality to ensure we maintain a certain level of quality within the pedalr community

Member_illust-38 jamez_cruz 6 post(s)

I also think there should be a report user / flag user option on their page, as well as a rating system for the user (kinda like ebay) :D
just checking in :)

Picture_1 jhsf03 Administrator 44 post(s)

Hi folks, what tools (beyond what we have) would you like to see to ensure quality, authentic only items are listed for sale on the site? ie. community ratings system, required steps to list item such as pic of serial number, etc??

Picture_1 jhsf03 Administrator 44 post(s)

Thanks for the feedback Brice! We could use the ‘sweet links’ forum for such info or perhaps we should start a new forum called ‘bicycle 101’ and open it to the community to contribute?

Pic0309 bricefaubel 1 post(s)

As someone who’s recently (in the last few years) gotten into refurbishing/maintaining a bicycle but doesn’t have much ‘bicycle knowledge’, I would recommend a page or set of links dedicated to bicycle 101. Here you could include tips, tools, etc for quick reference. For example, if a user has a question about sizing listed for a specific item for sale, they could link to the ‘101’ page for some quick additional info.

I appreciate the variety of items/price points on the site and I think this would appeal to a lot of users.

Picture_1 jhsf03 Administrator 44 post(s)

Man I’d like to see a shirt like that! Great idea re. the sale option too. We’re playing with the idea of “flash” sales as future functionality for the platform. Basically sellers will be able to offer certain items at a discounted rate for a 24hr period of time.

What’s the demand for that folks? Both shoppers and sellers?

Gshipbanner2 Ghostship 4 post(s)

Thought of another suggestion. How about the option to make an item on sale? You know, like, this amazingredonkulouscool t-shirt WAS $1000 because it’s made of yeti skin and screenprinted with pure gold ink, shoots rockets at rude drivers and sweeps broken bottles out from in front of your bike, but now we’re giving it away for the mere price of $25 because we think you’re so rad.

Damn, I think I should have saved that one for the description on the next batch of shirts.

Picture_1 jhsf03 Administrator 44 post(s)

We’re all about the feedback – that’s what’ll shape pedalr going forward. Thanks again for being an early adopter and helping to shape what this becomes.

Gshipbanner2 Ghostship 4 post(s)

Cool. Thanks for the quick response. If I come across or think of anything else, I’ll let you know. I’m happy to offer up my opinion. T-shirts and posters aren’t required, but if you insist, let me know and I’ll hit you up with my details.

Stoked to see the sizing option happen. Thanks for being so open to feedback as well. Definitely shows that you guys are devoted to the site’s success.

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